Information to set up a functional amateur radio station using a FLEX-1500™ QRP Software Defined Radio and FlexRadio PowerSDR™.

It can take some time to tweak all the settings of the various applications when you first start. Here are the ones that work for me at the time of this writing. Maybe they will help you get started faster.

The screenshots show the main settings that differ from the default values found after the initial installation of the products.

If you have comments, suggestions or wish to share your experience, please let me know -> mailto:info [snail] on6zq [period] be.



  • Change the defaults names used by com0com and rename ports to COMn: as some programs only accept COMn: for serial ports.
  • Avoid ports numbers that can conflict with others (typically COM1: to COM4:)
  • Avoid ports numbers above COM9: as some applications do not seem to handle them correctly (WSPR 2.0 for example)
  • com0com setup commands:
    • help: to get an help page.
    • change CNCxx portname=COMyy: assign the name COMyy to the virtual port CNCxx. ES: change CNCA4 portname=COM22 renames the CNCA4 port to COM22
    • quit: leaves the tool.

Virtual Audio Cable

CW Skimmer

Use CWL in PowerSDR to display the right frequency and report correctly to the Reverse Beacon Network.


Digital Radio Mondiale



HamRadio De Luxe



The Flex Radio SDR-1000 entry does not work! Kenwood TS-2000 works for me.

DX COde of Conduct