500 most common English words from The Art & Skill of Radiotelegraphy, chapter 22, in CW (telegraphy - morse)
12 Words Per Minute 16 Words Per Minute 20 Words Per Minute 24 Words Per Minute 28 Words Per Minute
a an the this these that some all any every who which what such other

I me my we us our you your he him his she her it its they them their

man men people time work well May will can one two great little first

at by on upon over before to from with in into out for of about up

when then now how so like as well very only no not more there than and or if but

be am is are was were been has have had may can could will

would shall should must say said like go come do made work

did   low   see   yet   act   die   sea   run   age   end   new 
set   ago   sun   eye   nor   son   air   way   far   off   ten 
big   arm   few   old   too   ask   get   own   try   add   God 
pay   use   boy   got   put   war   car   law   red   sir   yes 
why   cry   let   sat   cut   lie   saw   Mrs   ill

also  case  even  five  head  less  just  mile  once  seem  talk 
wall  bank  fill  want  tell  seen  open mind  life  keep  hear 
four  ever  city  army  back  cost  face  full  held  kept  line 
miss  part ship  thus  week  lady  many  went  told  show  pass 
most  live  kind  help  gave  fact  dear  best bill  does  fall 
girl  here  king  long  move  poor  side  took  were  whom  town 
soon  read  much look  knew  high  give  feet  done  body  book 
dont  felt  gone  hold  know  lost  name  real sort  tree  wide 
wind  true  step  rest  near  love  land  home  good  till  door 
both  call  down find  half  hope  last  make  need  road  stop 
turn  wish  came  drop  fine  hand  hour  late  mark next  room 
sure  wait  word  year  walk  take  same  note  mean  left  idea 
hard  fire  each  care

young  watch  thing  speak  right  paper  least  heard  dress 
bring  above  often  water  think  stand  river  party  leave 
heart  early  built  after  carry  again  fight  horse  light 
place  round  start  those  where  alone  cause  force  house 
marry  plant  serve  state  three  white  still  today  whole 
short  point  might  human  found  child  along  began  color 
given  large  month  price  small  story  under  world  whose 
tried  stood  since  power  money  labor  front  close  among 
begin  court  green  laugh  night  quite  smile  table  until 
write  being  cover  happy  learn  order  reach  sound  taken 
voice  wrong

chance  across  letter  enough  public  twenty  always  change 
family  matter  rather  wonder  answer  coming  father  moment 
reason  result  appear  demand  figure  mother  remain  supply 
around  doctor  follow  myself  return  system  became  dollar 
friend  number  school  second  office  garden  during  become 
better  either  happen  person  toward

hundred  against  brought  produce  company  already  husband 
receive  country  America  morning  several  another  evening 
nothing  suppose  because  herself  perhaps  through  believe 
himself  picture  whether  between  however  present  without

national  continue  question  consider  increase  American 
interest  possible  anything  children  remember  business 

important  themselves  Washington  government  something 
condition  president