ADIF to SOTA CSV conversion

This converter takes a log in the ADIF format and converts it to a comma delimited text that can be sent to the SOTA Results and Summits Database.

  1. Open your ADIF log file in Notepad or another editor (NOT a word processor like Word)
  2. Select the lines you want to convert
  3. Copy them to the clipboard (ctrl-c or right-click, copy)
  4. Paste them (ctrl-v or right-click, paste) in the ADIF text box below
  5. click "Submit"

The result is shown lower on the page, and you can copy/paste it to your text editor and save it with the extension ".csv".

The following ADIF data fields are expected in every record in order to create the "CSV" lines formatted as

<V2>,<My Callsign>,<My Summit>,<Date> <Time>,<Band> <Mode>,<His Callsign>,<His Summit>,<Notes or Comments>
  • BAND
  • MODE
  • CALL
  • (SOTA_REF)

When the OPERATOR/OWNER_CALSSIGN/STATION_CALLSIGN/MY_CALL field is not present in the ADIF records, ADIF2SOTA tries to find it in other parts of the submitted text (like eQSL, LM by DL8WAA, etc.).

Please let me know if the format of the ADIF log generated by your logging software is not converted properly, and I'll try to support it too.
In case of problem, please send me the ADIF you are trying to convert so that I can reproduce the symptoms.

See also SOTA2ADIF.

Comments welcome: info [snail] on6zq [period] be.


MY SOTA summit reference:
Remove ADIF comment field

  • For activators, if the field MY_SOTA_REF is not provided in the ADIF records, the full summit reference must be given in the box above ("MY SOTA summit reference").
  • For chasers, the box above must be left empty ("MY SOTA summit reference").
  • If the field SOTA_REF is not provided in the ADIF records, the value of the COMMENT/COMMENT_INTL field from the ADIF text is used instead if it looks like a valid SOTA reference.

Some editing can be required before submitting the result.

You might want to see where the stations you contacted are located: Log2Map