SOTA CSV to ADIF conversion

This converter takes a log in the SOTA comma delimited text format from SOTA Results and Summits Database and converts it to the ADIF format.

  1. Open your SOTA .csv log file in Notepad or another editor (NOT a word processor like Word)
  2. Select the lines you want to convert
  3. Copy them to the clipboard (ctrl-c or right-click, copy)
  4. Paste them (ctrl-v or right-click, paste) in the SOTA text box below
  5. click "Submit"

The result is shown lower on the page, and you can copy/paste it to your text editor and save it with the extension ".adi".

If the activated summit is located in a WWFF or POTA zone, you can enter the references in the MY_WWFF_REF and/or MY_POTA_REF fields too.

See also ADIF2SOTA.

Comments welcome: info [snail] on6zq [period] be . In case of problem, please send me the CSV you are trying to convert so that I can reproduce the symptoms.

comma delimited text from SOTA:


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