The only reference for SOTA related information is

Here is a Git repository with the changes to the summits list.

file namesize (bytes)
total 250 files87M
2024-05-28.txt 67K
2024-05-19.txt 9.1M
2024-04-02.txt 115K
2024-03-02.txt 8.5K
2024-02-26.txt 21K
2024-02-25.txt 414
2024-02-05.txt 655
2024-02-01.txt 9.1M
2024-01-28.txt 1.3K
2024-01-19.txt 396
2023-12-28.txt 45K
2023-12-18.txt 2.0K
2023-12-02.txt 15K
2023-11-30.txt 20K
2023-11-29.txt 277K
2023-10-31.txt 4.8K
2023-10-23.txt 690
2023-10-02.txt 40K
2023-09-29.txt 122K
2023-09-28.txt 2.2K
2023-09-02.txt 9.0K
2023-08-31.txt 2.2K
2023-08-04.txt 1.5K
2023-08-03.txt 9.0K
2023-08-02.txt 216K
2023-08-01.txt 66K
2023-06-21.txt 442
2023-06-07.txt 1.5K
2023-05-03.txt 718
2023-05-02.txt 15K
2023-04-04.txt 602
2023-04-03.txt 12K
2023-04-02.txt 213K
2023-04-01.txt 50K
2023-03-31.txt 4.6K
2023-03-03.txt 118K
2023-03-02.txt 49K
2023-02-06.txt 403
2023-02-05.txt 924
2023-02-02.txt 1.5K
2023-01-31.txt 72K
2022-12-05.txt 382
2022-12-02.txt 2.5K
2022-11-03.txt 474
2022-11-02.txt 3.0K
2022-11-01.txt 75K
2022-10-04.txt 561
2022-10-02.txt 133K
2022-09-03.txt 870
2022-09-02.txt 89K
2022-09-01.txt 3.6K
2022-08-02.txt 468K
2022-07-06.txt 53K
2022-07-05.txt 501K
2022-06-09.txt 48K
2022-06-02.txt 299K
2022-05-04.txt 57K
2022-05-02.txt 232K
2022-05-01.txt 201K
2022-04-06.txt 2.3K
2022-04-01.txt 13K
2022-03-29.txt 18K
2022-02-01.txt 38K
2022-01-24.txt 122K
2022-01-21.txt 2.4K
2022-01-12.txt 421
2021-12-04.txt 32K
2021-12-02.txt 407
2021-12-01.txt 1.3K
2021-11-30.txt 28K
2021-11-29.txt 116K
2021-11-08.txt 2.5K
2021-11-01.txt 1.1K
2021-10-01.txt 775K
2021-09-01.txt 349K
2021-08-30.txt 8.0K
2021-08-07.txt 1.9K
2021-08-04.txt 658
2021-08-02.txt 330K
2021-07-02.txt 1.3M
2021-06-11.txt 31K
2021-06-02.txt 950K
2021-05-03.txt 20K
2021-04-03.txt 1.6K
2021-04-01.txt 281K
2021-03-29.txt 1.7K
2021-03-22.txt 1.0K
2021-03-06.txt 445
2021-03-03.txt 171K
2021-02-26.txt 78K
2021-02-01.txt 92K
2021-01-30.txt 299K
2021-01-28.txt 368
2021-01-01.txt 886
2020-12-06.txt 6.6K
2020-12-03.txt 1.1K
2020-11-30.txt 3.4K
2020-11-01.txt 312K
2020-10-26.txt 58K
2020-10-04.txt 2.0K
2020-10-01.txt 220K
2020-09-06.txt 672K
2020-09-01.txt 693K
2020-08-03.txt 39M
2020-07-31.txt 28K
2020-07-29.txt 240K
2020-07-04.txt 41K
2020-07-01.txt 69K
2020-06-29.txt 284K
2020-06-23.txt 9.7K
2020-06-02.txt 716K
2020-05-05.txt 3.3K
2020-05-02.txt 329K
2020-04-29.txt 101K
2020-04-27.txt 1.4K
2020-04-07.txt 1.3K
2020-04-02.txt 458K
2020-02-16.txt 1.2K
2020-02-08.txt 426K
2019-12-15.txt 1.3K
2019-12-02.txt 1.1M
2019-11-05.txt 166K
2019-10-03.txt 2.0K
2019-10-01.txt 60K
2019-09-27.txt 264K
2019-09-02.txt 31K
2019-09-01.txt 893
2019-08-31.txt 59K
2019-08-25.txt 1.0K
2019-08-09.txt 4.8K
2019-08-06.txt 142
2019-08-01.txt 2.1K
2019-07-29.txt 217K
2019-06-01.txt 82K
2019-05-01.txt 251
2019-04-03.txt 2.6K
2019-04-02.txt 4.7K
2019-03-05.txt 8.4K
2019-03-01.txt 37K
2019-02-28.txt 79K
2019-02-01.txt 265
2019-01-30.txt 2.2K
2019-01-29.txt 125K
2019-01-28.txt 1.3K
2019-01-14.txt 782
2019-01-06.txt 825
2018-11-30.txt 9.4K
2018-11-29.txt 580K
2018-11-28.txt 1.9K
2018-11-06.txt 17K
2018-11-03.txt 2.4K
2018-11-02.txt 65K
2018-11-01.txt 117
2018-10-04.txt 216
2018-10-01.txt 91K
2018-09-07.txt 3.0K
2018-09-06.txt 3.0K
2018-08-27.txt 902
2018-08-03.txt 5.1K
2018-08-02.txt 373
2018-08-01.txt 92K
2018-07-31.txt 924K
2018-07-30.txt 403K
2018-07-29.txt 25K
2018-07-07.txt 26K
2018-07-06.txt 2.2K
2018-07-04.txt 26K
2018-07-03.txt 147K
2018-06-01.txt 27K
2018-05-28.txt 133K
2018-05-26.txt 15K
2018-05-25.txt 22K
2018-05-13.txt 819
2018-05-02.txt 150K
2018-05-01.txt 122
2018-04-23.txt 6.2K
2018-04-06.txt 236K
2018-04-01.txt 514
2018-03-26.txt 255K
2018-03-25.txt 7.6K
2018-03-12.txt 5.9K
2018-03-03.txt 3.4K
2018-03-02.txt 58K
2018-02-27.txt 228
2018-02-22.txt 35K
2018-02-21.txt 35K
2018-02-10.txt 16K
2018-02-04.txt 18K
2018-02-02.txt 665K
2018-02-01.txt 513K
2018-01-31.txt 279K
2018-01-29.txt 32K
2017-12-02.txt 6.9K
2017-12-01.txt 61K
2017-11-25.txt 2.0K
2017-11-06.txt 772
2017-11-02.txt 27K
2017-11-01.txt 13K
2017-10-12.txt 837
2017-10-06.txt 29K
2017-10-04.txt 314
2017-10-03.txt 35K
2017-10-02.txt 682K
2017-09-07.txt 6.6K
2017-09-06.txt 6.0K
2017-09-01.txt 316K
2017-08-31.txt 584K
2017-08-24.txt 111K
2017-08-02.txt 913
2017-08-01.txt 202K
2017-07-09.txt 379
2017-07-01.txt 2.3K
2017-06-30.txt 47K
2017-06-28.txt 2.2K
2017-06-06.txt 772
2017-06-01.txt 572K
2017-05-31.txt 542K
2017-05-29.txt 1.4M
2017-05-28.txt 3.4K
2017-05-25.txt 37K
2017-05-12.txt 8.1K
2017-05-01.txt 56K
2017-04-21.txt 1.6K
2017-04-18.txt 770
2017-04-17.txt 25K
2017-04-07.txt 4.1K
2017-04-01.txt 867K
2017-03-31.txt 771K
2017-03-30.txt 226K
2017-03-29.txt 158K
2017-03-20.txt 2.2K
2017-03-02.txt 535
2017-03-01.txt 275
2017-02-27.txt 4.8K
2017-02-04.txt 7.9K
2017-02-02.txt 616K
2017-02-01.txt 188K
2016-12-22.txt 7.4K
2016-12-16.txt 590
2016-12-10.txt 41K
2016-12-08.txt 437
2016-12-07.txt 972K
2016-12-01.txt 411K
2016-11-30.txt 364K
2016-11-02.txt 190K
2016-10-07.txt 61K
2016-10-05.txt 212K
2016-10-04.txt 156K
2016-10-03.txt 128K
2016-09-27.txt 2.8K